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4 reasons you should buy art prints instead of original paintings

This may surprise you - as an artist you might expect me to be pushing original paintings as the only and best option to decorate your home with. But I actually think prints of an artwork that you love is a fantastic way to bring beauty and joy into your home. Prints make art accessible to all budgets, all house sizes and styles and all lifestyles - who can argue that that can be a bad thing! 

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Last Orders For Christmas Delivery 2021

It’s now only 12 weeks until Christmas! I don’t want to be all gross and salesy BUT here goes - art is the perfect Christmas gift! Whether it’s an original painting, print or a unique commissioned piece. This pandemic is still messing with shipping times so keep these dates in mind: Last orders for Christmas: Original Paintings Australia - 29th November  USA - 29th November  Europe - 10th December UK - 15th December Prints Europe - 3rd December USA - 8th December Australia - 8th December UK - 15th December Commissions - I've got 2 spots left, get in touch by the 17th of October.

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