Figurative, traditional oil paintings in a timeless style

My original paintings are in private collections across twelve countries. My commissions are now proudly hung in five. And, I've exhibited in two.

The United Kingdom, The United States, The United Arab Emirates, Australia, Ireland, Portugal, Finland, Greece, Denmark, The Netherlands, Bulgaria and Albania.

  • "I am so thrilled with the piece I purchased from Harriet, and am sad to be giving it away as a present. The painting was shipped internationally and arrived quickly and hassle-free. Harriet updated me during the process, was extremely efficient, and it was a pleasure to purchase from Harriet. I'm so impressed and can't wait to purchase one of Harriet's paintings for myself next!" - Julia, UK

  • "Loved the painting of Dublin at night we received from Harriet, it’s beautiful! Delicately captures the whether we enjoy so frequently here! Quick arrival and excellent communication." -Susie, Ireland

  • "Thank you so much for the LOVELY package and of course the painting, it’s MAGICAL! Wow! Totally awesome!!" - Darryl, Portugal

Gallery quality materials and techniques

Oil Paint - I use artist-grade water-mixable oil paint. They are safer and offer the same depth of color, lightfastness and permanence as conventional oil paints.

Primed Wood Panels - I prepare panels with a sealant and primer. This preparation process ensures the paintings are archival.

Varnish - I apply a layer of varnish to every finished piece. The varnish protects the painting, enhances the colours, and allows the paint to continue oxidising.

One-of-a-kind paintings that will last for generations

Framing your painting

Design - Choose a frame material, colour and size that complements your style, home, and the painting itself. Paintings on board can be framed in traditional or floating styles.

Protection - Specialist frames can protect the painting from heat, pollution and UV.

Hanging - Choose larger fixings than you think are necessary for added stability.

Three tips on framing

Hanging your painting

Avoiding Damage - Avoid heat, humidity, and direct sunlight when choosing the location to hang your oil painting.

Finding the Right Spot - Hang paintings at eye level and maintain a consistent spacing between the pictures.

Consider the Walls - Take into account any obstacles such as pipes, wires, or the need for specialty tools.

Three tips on where to hang your painting

Caring for your painting

Dust - Use a soft brush or lint cloth regularly to remove dust from your oil painting to prevent buildup. Avoid feather dusters, dust cloths, damp cloths, or cleaning chemicals that can scratch or damage the painting.

Aerosols - Avoid using aerosols or fine mist cleaning products near the painting.

Varnish - Oil paintings have a protective coat of varnish on top of the paint.Varnish helps protect against dust and pollution, creating a barrier for cleaning.

Three tips to care for your painting

An Australian artist, painting and travelling full-time

Hi, I'm Harriet

I'm an artist from Australia. 

I'm originally from a town near Sydney but moved to London in 2015 to pursue a career in architecture and to travel.

At the end of 2021 I became a professional artist and have been travelling and painting ever since - a dream come true!

I paint the places I visit to share their unique beauty - to spark a memory and rekindle a connection.

I want to create paintings that bring joy and beauty to your home.

Thank you for supporting my art, I hope you find a painting that you love for years to come.