Phone cases | Specs

Printing method: Advanced dye-sublimation print technology. This is a technique where the ink is heated to transfer it onto a solid surface.

Material: Shatterproof, specialist impact-resistant polycarbonate plastic which is extremely strong and lightweight. The case is then coated with water-based polyurethane for extra strength. 

Size: Carefully constructed with moulds that precisely match the dimensions of your device to ensure the best possible fit.

Design: Features a beautiful high-quality colour print of my painting, which is fully 3D wrapped around the entire body of the case.

Finish: Available in both matte or gloss.


  • Has clear, open ports for connectivity and supports bluetooth charging. 
  • REACh, RoHS and TUVRheinland certified.
  • MagSafe compatible.

Environmental credentials:

  • Printed using water-based inks. This means the ink used does not contain the toxic chemicals and plastics that solvent-based inks do.

Packaging: Delivered to you in a rigid corrugated cardboard box ensuring maximum protection.

Delivery: Your print will be made in the print studio closest to you (UK, EU, US, AU, IN or KR). This is greener and faster, helping to avoid global supply chain hold-ups or customs problems.