Glass chopping boards | Specs

Printing method: Advanced dye-sublimation print technology. This is a technique where the ink is heated to transfer it onto a solid surface. Gives superior reproduction quality, with unrivalled durability and colour vibrancy. 

Size: Choose from either a rectangular 15.3x11” (39x28cm) or circular-shaped 11.8x11.8" (30x30cm) board.

Material and finish: Made from tempered glass that is highly durable, heat resistant, scratch proof and offers crystal-clear clarity. Comes with four self-adhesive plastic feet.

Finish: Glass is finished with a textured chinchilla ripple effect, giving added slip resistance and safety for use.

Multipurpose uses: The tempered glass is heat resistant, meaning this board is multipurpose. You can use it as a cutting board, counter saver or placemat. You can place hot saucepans on it for serving.

Slip resistance:  The self-adhesive plastic feet are designed to prevent the board from slipping on kitchen work surfaces and protect against damage. 

Washing instructions: Hand wash only.

Environmental credentials:

  • Printed using water-based inks. This means the ink used does not contain the toxic chemicals and plastics that solvent-based inks do.
  • Cardboard box packaging is made from recycled materials.

Packaging: Delivered to you in a rigid, double-wall corrugated cardboard box, ensuring maximum protection.

Delivery: Your glass board will be made in the print studio in the UK.