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4 reasons you should buy art prints instead of original paintings


This may surprise you - as an artist you might expect me to be pushing original paintings as the only and best option to decorate your home with. But I actually think prints of an artwork that you love is a fantastic way to bring beauty and joy into your home. Prints make art accessible to all budgets, all house sizes and styles and all lifestyles - who can argue that that can be a bad thing! 

Three giclee art prints of oil paintings of tulips, nigella, peonies and pink flowes in vases, framed and hung on a wall

1. Save your money! Reproduction art prints are always cheaper than the original paintings because they are “open edition” which means there is no limit on how many are printed and sold. Perfect for a cost effective way to make your home beautiful without sacrificing on quality or longevity.

2. No sacrifice on quality! Giclée art prints are fade-proof, high resolution, highly pigmented reproduction prints. You’ll get all the colour and tone variations, details and visual texture of the original painting and your print will last you forever!

3. Flexibility on size and shape! An art print is a reproduction, so unlike the original painting, it can be printed on any paper size or ratio. So, a large 1m x 2m rectangular original painting can be cropped as a small 20 x 20cm print or vice versa. This gives you flexibility to get the exact print to suit your home and space, to buy a mix of different prints to match or create a mismatched gallery wall. Lots more options!

4. Lower commitment purchase! An art print isn’t a big ticket item. If you don’t live in your ‘forever’ home (if you’re an expat, on a working holiday, renting and unsure when your lease will be up, planning on moving soon, digital nomad-Ing, or just unsure where you’ll land next) but still want to feel at home then some prints of paintings that make your space feel like yours is a perfect low-cost option.

Let's clear up the art gatekeeping out there.

I hope you found this helpful and consider a print next time you want to bring beauty to your home!

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Three art prints of oil paintings by artist Harriet Lawless of bananas, tomatoes and a lemon on a blue and white stripey cloth, framed and hung on a wall.

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